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I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i. As an Filipino Asian-American living in a multi-diverse environment, I came to love spreading our culture and the Aloha Spirit through my art. Which has led me to start up Hawai'i Club while attending DigiPen.

What has drawn me to pursing my Bachelor in Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation at DigiPen Institute of Technology, was the engaging and immersive environments that game developers created and I played! I wanted to be apart of the team that was responsible for that.

With my passion of creating stunning and immersive 3D environment scenes, I have also fallen in love with graphic design. Following the start of my Etsy shop during the pandemic, I was able to gain experience in producing merchandise and creating a brand. It has opened up opportunities for me like expanding to UI Art in my game projects and working as a merch designer and graphic designer for DigiPen presented in this portfolio! Which I'm very grateful for. I hope to continue to creating works that can integrate both skillsets.

Now residing in Redmond, WA, I am looking forward to starting my career and learning from professionals in the industry! 

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