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Olympus Green House

Unreal 5.26 | Inspired from Apex Legends

Based on the battle royale map Olympus, I wanted to concept and create a scene that would fit in that world. Taking my inspiration from artists that worked on the hydroponic/farming areas. With my idea that this building and area is a home for a researching farmer. 

I learned a lot from recreating assets and textures that are used in game and I enjoyed researching more about the creation of the Apex Legends environments.


Here are some of the textures that I created in Substance Designer using pictures I took in real life. The grass and dirt were used in my vertex painting material.


I explored a few other areas in the Apex Legends world, like on World's Edge and Kings Canyon. I gravitated towards the Olympus composition because of the greenery and flora that I wanted to try.

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