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Destiny 2 Fan Art

Unreal 4.26 | Inspired from Destiny 2 by Bungie

Based on the planet Nessus, I composed a double waterfall scene. 

I was able to learn and create many assets by utilizing the Unreal Tools. From the Foliage Brush, Blending Height Maps, Particle System and Vertex Painting.

Adjunct Matthew Dudley guided me through this process.


Process Screenshots

Textures & Material

Height blended material nodes to be used with Vertex Painting 

Vex Metal Texture Maps

Normal Maps that were modelled and baked to get the normal maps from ZBrush.

Then using alpha masks in Unreal, creating materials that can layer on top of each other to create more depth


My final composition choice came from a hike that my mom went in Hawai'i. What really encapsulated me was the high walls and I was able to design a scene that combined both my idea of Nessus and the Infinite Forest.  

First pass concept with reference images
Final Concept
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