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A rhythm side scroller, you play as a funky frog. As he runs across the rooftops though a colorful cityscape, he is listening to music that he jumps, slides and grinds to the beat of while collecting spray cans he finds for his art piece.


10 Team Members

Environment Artist

UI Artist

Art Lead


September 2020 - April 2022

Custom Engine

While working on Hip Hoppity, I was in charge of creating a parallaxed background, creating all UI assets, but also extended to experimenting with particle sprites.

For visual development, our main style reference was Into the Spiderverse focusing on comic textures and a geometrical graphic style. As the Art Lead, I delegated work and overlooked two other artists to collaborate with Designers for the style to work with the overall feel of the game.


I was tasked with creating a parallaxed background and this consisted of seven layers created in Procreate.


Working with UI Designer, Keion Rodriguez, to create a stylistically pleasing style for all UI elements to fit our game.

Particle Sprites

Trailer Sprite

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