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A marine biologist sent into an underwater world of mystery and adventure, to make groundbreaking discoveries. Use the Aqua-vac to capture fish and use their abilities to discover the secrets of Santoria in Project Atlantis


Environment Artist

UI Artist

Art Director

19 Team Members


August 2021 - December 2022

Unreal Engine 4.26

During my time developing Project Atlantis, I worked on creating game ready environment assets from modelling, texturing, import into game engine and using Unreal tools. By working closely with our Level Designers, our Art Producer and I was able to set dress levels that complimented the mechanics of the game.

For visual development, we took a lot of inspiration from Persian Architecture to convey an underwater abandoned environment and work with the Santoria narrative. As the Art Director, I overlooked our six other artists to create assets in our style.

As the UI Artist, I had the opportunity to collaborate with both of our UI/UX Designers to create cohesive diegetic and non-diegetic assets to be used across all interfaces.


I had the task to set dress Level 2 that introduces the Light Switch mechanic with the Electric Fish designed by Level Designers Rory Lidster and Menira Leal-Smartt. I as well collaborated with Art Producer, Rebecca Joines, for the Guided level and HUB. I was able to utilize the Foliage Brush and Landscaping tools.


All assets that are in game and used throughout all the levels. Modelled in Autodesk Maya, textured in Substance Painter, created some materials Substance Designer, then imported into engine and setting up the materials.


Here are some of the materials I created in Substance Designer that was used to quickly texture assets and landscapes.


Working with our UI/UX Designers, Mishaal Asaad and Cai McDermott, to revamp the menus like the Pause, Main, Settings, Credits and Fish Codex to have a cohesive style.

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